Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tooth Fairy

The Girl lost a tooth!

OK, this is yet another example of her telling me something and me not taking her seriously. I've got to work on that. She's been telling me for several days that she has a wiggly tooth, but I just thought it was a result of her tumble down the stairs a few weeks ago and would eventually "firm" up again.

Well, it may be because of the fall... but it definitely fell out!

I was scrounging for dinner, and Girlchild said,
"Today is the day that I lost my tooth."

I said, "Whaaaaah?"
She said, "I lost a tooth!"
I said, "NO WAY!"
She said, "YES WAY!" and held up a tiny little tooth.

Well, whaddya know? I knew she was advanced in many ways, but sheesh. I didn't think I'd be dealing with teeth for at least a year, maybe two. «scramble, scramble... what do tooth fairies bring these days?»

We talked for a bit about the tooth fairy, and what this all meant, when she told me she needs to go open the window in her room. Fortunately, Yashi was able to convince her that tooth fairies can come in with magic, and don't need the window to be open. When asked for proof, Yashi gave the example of the fairies in Sleeping Beauty, which seemed to convince the Girl. Whew!
Here's the "letter" she made for the tooth fairy:
Note the Sleeping Beauty reference. And the pony.

She asked to make a video {clearly a future vlogger}, here's what she wanted to tell you all:

Yup, she asked the tooth fairy for a pony. A PONY! So classic. Way to aim high, sweetie!


  1. That is so cute! I love her story.

  2. She asked for a pony...too cute!! I think I have a couple years before the tooth fairy begins. :-) looking forward to meeting you next week- I'm way too excited! LOL Safe travels.

  3. Hhmm.. I can also see that she'll be a blogger someday. =) She also reminds me of my daughter who just lost her tooth a few weeks ago. What's sweet about her is she didn't ask her tooth fairy for a penny. And because of that, the tooth fairy gave her 5 bucks. =D