Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall colors

Oh, it seemed to take so long, but now the trees are really changing colors. So gorgeous, every day I am stopped in my tracks to admire this leaf or that tree. I just love it. We Portlanders have been so blessed with this sunny weather, it makes the colorful trees all the more beautiful.
Here are a few pics I took while walking around the zoo today.
I was planning to do pumpkin carving and Halloween crafts with the kiddles this weekend, I may have to work in some pretty leaf activities as well...

 Enjoy this beautiful Autumn!


  1. Pressing them in wax paper is always my favorite!
    Have much fun, "honey"! (Btw, thank you for the little surprise)

  2. Our favorite from last year was tracing the veins in fine-tipped glue pens, then covering in glitter. GLITTER! Poor Brian. He never has been a fan of the glitter.