Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm going to the gym, dangitanyway

I easily let myself be dissuaded from the strength training class at the gym today.
I was awake, so that wasn't a big deal. Awake and dressed, even.
As I was walking out the door, I realized I didn't have any car keys. They were both in Brian's pockets, apparently. So I grabbed the spare key and started the car, but look! The window is all frozen over!
I searched around for a window scraper and couldn't find one in the car anywhere. I know there is one in the Jetta, but of course I didn't have the key.
So I gave up.
I stomped back up to the house, half annoyed and half kind of grateful that I had an excuse not to go workout.
But guess what?
I was locked out of the house.
The spare key doesn't have a house key on it, and I had neglected to grab the house key.
So I had to make Brian come down and let me in.
Now, I'm sure you're realizing that if Brian is awake, I can get the Jetta key from him and go to the gym, right?
Wrong. I was too annoyed.
But wait... Twitter to the rescue!
I had posted at 5:15 a.m. that I wasn't sure if I should go to the class or not.
While I was sitting here drinking my coffee and NOT going to the gym (still dressed, BTW), I got this tweet:

I felt kind of guilty for reading blogs and drinking coffee, and started to think I should just up and go to the gym.
Then a few minutes later, I got this one:

OK, OK! I'm going! I missed the class, but I know what to do.
THIS, people, is what Mamavation is all about.
Thank you, @fitcheerldr and
I am on my way to the gym!


  1. Go you!!!! You will be glad that you did. #Mamavation rocks like that. You will get the support you need.

  2. Yay! I'm glad we could help! #mamavation came to my rescue last week too, and I'm sure I'll need help again.