Sunday, January 16, 2011

Princess Tea Party

Girlchild was invited to a tea party Saturday at a friend's house. A "School Mate" as she says.

When Brian first told her of the invitation, her response was serious and direct.
"I want to do that," she declared.

She already also had a girlfriend play date set up for Sunday, so to make sure the Boy didn't feel left out, we arranged for him to spend time with my parents this weekend.

Anna was so excited about the tea party, she immediately started asking me about it as soon as we got up Saturday morning. We figured out which dress she would wear, then she wanted to paint tea party pictures. We haven't painted much since summer, so I agreed.
{You know what's odd about the dress? It's the same one she wore to my mom's birthday tea party nearly two years ago. I think the girl has been mostly growing up rather than out.}

Here's the Girl working on her paintings:
 Notice my paintbrush water sitting so close to my coffee cup? Yeah, not a good idea.

Here are all of the tea party pictures:
 Tea pot, two tea cups, a cake and a flower scene. All painted solely by Anna, except the one cup:

 It's been a while since I've painted anything but botanicals, but I had fun with this little tea cup.

Here are the four girls sitting for their tea party. It was so adorable, the little hostess {who wore a Disney Cinderella dress, its should be noted} employed her daddy and little brother to be servers, they wore ties and had aprons tied around their waists, and even held tea towels draped over their forearms. So cute, what good sports.

 The girls had a spirited discussion about Halloween costumes:
It was a fun day, and Anna & I are already planning a reciprocal tea party.

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